OWhyea , final exam was OVER finally ! But i can't feels any happiness. Since i know my Accounting is 100 % fail :/

3 weeks holidays , i have no idea what should i do ! >< Someone mentioned ' Blog ' . And i only realised i have looooooong time didn't updated here. For others , they use blog to share their mood , and i just treat it as diary book , just wrote for myself :)

OKAYYYY , this few days i was hanging out non-stop with my buddy jenfeng !!! It's pretty nice ! Having fun and joy with them ! But spent many money also  ><

 I'm sorry ar bro , didnt do anythings for u when ur b'day



Am Heading to KL and Penang at 3rd 4th and 5th ~ For photoshooting! Very first someone pay me and be their model !

Well , September , 8th is her big day , and i think i won't do anythings for her.  Just a earlier wish for her , i won't even send u a text  coz i deleted ur num . I have no idea how was your world now going to be . But i just know that i know NOTHING bout DOTA SNOOKER and even BEER . It will not in my life . She is became more pretty and yeaa, i won't forget u in my whole life , at least till now u're still an angel for me :) Others hand , i'll be serious and loveful to my next girlfren , i swear .

At LAST ! i'm very glad that be my mom's son . She so love me and willing to do anything for me . THANKYOU MUMMY

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